YBNL Nation talented singer, Fireboy DML churned out a masterpiece song dubbed, “Need You“ off his recently released debut album, 'Laugher, Tears & Goosebumps'.

The song, 'Need You' is made up of some profound confessions of Love, a lot of Promises and a severe admonition that nobody appears to focus on as the word of promises and confessions of love had blinded the heart of the listeners.

In any case, cheer, for I have come to open your eyes to the message that is glaring yet covered up by words of affection and guarantees.

The song started with words that portray the beauty of the damsel. With no doubt, she is a juicy pretty woman. The talented singer compares her sweetness to the sweetness of a mango and "Agbalumo" African Star Apple.

The singer will later make reference to that he owns no expensive car nor properties to lure her with. But, he is in possession of something that is more prominent than extravagances, True Love.

In the chorus, he advised the beauty not to listen to any type of rumour as the relationship don't need such a negative vibe. And once again, he promises a lot of love and affection.

In the subsequent verse, the singer clarified how much he misses her and how much he needs her. With an illustration, "similar to a two-sided coin". A lot of promises accompanies this verse.

Towards the end of the song, the handsome youngster gave a piece of advice you probably won't have focused on. He stated, "love me while you can, because [of] time no dey oh...". This single line of advice means a lot and it also says a lot about how young men love today.

The Hidden Message

A young man who is frantically enamoured with a young lady will do anything for her. Particularly, a young man who is falling in love for the first time. But, if he shows the attention and the lady refuse to reciprocate, he will move on (because time no dey).

After he moves on, if the girl comes back calling, he probably won't take her seriously because when he needed her badly, she didn't allow him.

Remember, my analysis is just my opinion.