A man (anonymous) sent a message to Popular blogger and love guru, Adejoro Olumofin suspecting that his wife is cheating on him with her blood brother. To the surprise of his (Joro's) followers, the wife responded.

In the message, the man shared how he has for days suspect his wife who he believes is having sex with her blood brother. He wrote:

"I am very curious. Hi Joro, I need a public opinion, please. Is it wrong for my wife and her brother to exchange nudes? Is that being close? Because I don't have a sister. I don't really fathom this well. She doesn't know I know this year but they exchange nudes. This is her blood brother. He sends her his erected nude. Sometimes last year in their family house I woke up and my wife was not beside me, I woke up and my wife was not beside me she was outside yeah. So, I texted her. She said she was coming. When she entered she refused me sex. She was breathing heavily like she just ran or did exercise. I didn't complain. When I went out I saw her brother had sperm stains on his trouser. Also, she doesn't like any girl he dates, she picks fights with all his girlfriends. She makes sure he's single. For some reason, I think their mother is aware of.

Their body language is funny. When her brother is around. She refuses me sex. Joro honestly I don't want to start my year with drama but I want to take my son for DNA test. Somewhere in my mind, I want to ignore all this because she's a good wife to me"

After Joro posted this on his heavily engaged social media page, a user, @bumpekippy responded with words that clearly shown that she is the wife of this anonymous man. She gave her own explanations and why she kisses and sends him nudes.

She said,

"You are paranoid. I kiss my brother mouth to mouth. I no my brother anywhere. I go naked in front of my brother. I send my brother some nude too. Not my v but some boobs if he's bored. You are too paranoid. Don't do that DNA. If you do that DNA you are not a man, you are a boy"

Joro expressed his shock with an eye emoji.

So many comments followed the uploads which has since generated a lot of debate. Some people believes it is a make up story. They claimed Joro made it up to generate traffic to his page while others strongly believe that these things happen among siblings.

Joro in the past has been heavily criticized for generating fake buzz to push traffic to his page online. However, his followers page continues to grow daily. In a recent interview, he reveals that he receives about 800 emails weekly, most of which start with “Hi Joro” followed by his readers asking for advice. He talks passionately about being a “listening ear” as he sets out to help people with their daily love struggles.