Cobhams Asuquo's new song, New Beginning is the perfect song to start a new year, a new month and a new day. Speaking about the song on YouTube, Asuquo said:

“2020 is a good year. This year, I will do a lot of shocking things. I will say a lot of shocking truths, and I will live and love like I know I have God‘s life in me.

“I will take the days of pleasure (and I hope that they are many) with gratitude, and the not so pleasurable days (and I hope that they are very few) like a man: knowing that while some days may be diamonds and some others stones, with each blessed day, I have the chance of a new beginning.”

Although the song was released in 2020, it was a vision, a message the talented music producer had received in 2012 during his performance with Ndani TV.

He posted this on Facebook earlier in 2013 after a 2012 performance on Ndani TV, Asuquo said: 

“It may go wrong, it may go right, celebrate your Life because there is something good about where you are right now! This song is titled “New Beginning” and [is] dedicated to all my friends!” 

I put together Four (4) Reasons Why I strongly believe that Cobhams Asuquo New Song, New Beginning Will Change The Way You See Yourself:

Every Victor Have a Failure Story

The most successful and famous people in the world have persevered through the most failures in life. They’ve failed repeatedly. But they've additionally gotten back up. They didn't toss in that proverbial towel. They didn’t call it quits or head for the ropes. They got up and kept going. What's more, that is exactly what it takes to succeed. Cobhams help our hearts to remember this every day. He said, "Every victor have a (failure) story, every victor once failed, they rise again. These words can change how you see yourself day by day particularly those days you think you failed.

Celebrate Your Life, There is Something Good About Where You Are Now

The reality is that we live in a fast-paced world. We are taught that "achievement" signifies completing as much in a day as you can. However, an excessive number of us don’t take the time to reflect on our accomplishments. In all actuality, regardless of how horrendous you think your life is, there are a number of your friends that are praying for everything you have right now. They envy you!

Cobhams reminds us to celebrate our life, he likewise urges all of us to recollect consistently that there is something great about where we are at the present time. Now that is a life-changing word from the multi-award-winning music producer.

Enjoy the rest of today.