One day, the battle against coronavirus will be won. But the world that emerges may look very different from the one we were used to before the pandemic began. So many things might be force to a stop, bringing to an end a normal lifestyle that the children born during and after the virus will only imagine, hear tales about but might never experience in their new world.

In Business
Since the outbreak (of the virus), over 60,000 people have lost their lives and there are more than a million confirmed cases worldwide. So many countries are in partial or total shutdown, the shutdown has affected the world economy in a negative way. 
The shutdown imposed is to slow the spread of the virus, however, it could push some economies into full-scale meltdown.

The world economy might be affected by the disease, but as long as there are humans on earth, an economy can bounce back but in a different way. The way of doing business might change, a total new way might emerge and what we were used to might be something the new generation will read in books or see in a movie. 

In Politics
Restrictions on movement will help some governments tighten autocratic control, and civil liberties could be eroded in the name of containing the spread of the virus. Even the most democratic societies have had to restrict civil liberties on an unprecedented scale and bid farewell to border-free travel for the foreseeable future.

For instance, the Lagos State Government yesterday arrested a popular Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele Bello who disobeyed the instructions of the State by hosting a house party with more than 10 people in attendance.  So many people applauded the government for taking that action, we all agreed that it is the right thing to do. However, the government might use this as an excuse for so many other things like elections. 

Imagine a country that was supposed to elect a new government this year. They are stuck with the present one as an election cannot take place during the lockdown. 
How long will the lockdown take? For how long will the government remain in power? Will there be a new way of voting a new government? Are we witnessing an event that is going to reshape the voting system? 

In Religion
The lockdown also prevents people from gathering together in the name of religion. Well, a certain number was announced but we all know that number cannot be controlled. This led to the total shutdown of religious gatherings. So many religion houses now host services online. Few days ago (March 27, 2020), over 2 billion people worldwide joined a two-hour Global Day of Prayer event being organized by a Nigerian preacher and President, Loveworld Incorporated Pastor (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome and an Isreali Televangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn. This gathering triggered other religions  (most especially Christians) turned to live stream for services and prayer meetings.

The question i'm asking once again is; Are we witnessing an event that is going to reshape the way people worship God? 

Published by Akinpelumi, Akinboye
April 6th, 2020