Paid advertisements are great, but I did not need them to get over 30 Million blog readers (a minimum of 50,000 visits daily) since I started three years ago. 

There are hundreds and one thing that runs through the minds of Bloggers. The chief among these things is generating traffic to blog contents without spending too much. For me, generating engagements on social media is one of the ways I drive traffic to my blog without spending a cent.

Engagement is the best way of generating traffics without spending a cent. It is a way of bonding with your followers, and for me, it is my magic wand. So many times people ask me how I get so much traffic to my blogs, the first thing that comes to my head is my social media influence, an influence I built by posting engaging contents daily.

Don't get it twisted, posting engaging contents is one thing, responding to comments is another. I know, you don't have the time to respond to all the comments, yes, that is fine, but do not leave the comments (especially those who seek an answer) hanging. 
People love it when they feel the human side of a social media handle, be there for them when they need you. 

I started watching a Nigerian soap opera Skinny Girl In Transit some days ago (to the delight of my girlfriend, Zara), there is a particular character (Tiwa) who constantly get on my last nerves, I knew so many people are watching too and I know deep down that Tiwa is pissing them off too. So I tweeted about how her attitude is pissing me off. As expected, my followers and some others who are watching dropped a comment. I engaged them (with the aim of getting more followers and building a relationship that can increase my blog readers).  

One comment caught my attention, she loves the way I respond to the comments and how I tried to push my followers into discussing more the TV show. She said;
She is right, I am like an echo after each comment, call me a hype man, no problem, I am all you think I am. I mean, look at my response here 
Engagement is the best way of getting a customer with a need and also to build trust. Engagement comes from conversations, conversations are generated from posting contents that are meaningful and is likely to get a response from your followers and people who stumble across your posts.