According to a twitter user @DrFunmilayo, over two thousand people have been exposed to coronavirus in Alimosho Local Government, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Twitter user shared the story of a pregnant woman who delivered a baby at the Alimosho General Hospital three weeks ago, after the delivery, the lady developed womb infections, she was treated for the infections until things became a bit more complicated. She was immediately transferred to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja three days ago. There was suspicion of Coronavirus when the patient was moved to LASUTH- so the hospital took safe precautions and tested her quickly.  
She died today sadly from the infection.

The part of the emergency room in LASUTH where she was, would be fumigated and shut down for 48 hours.  
Doctors and nurses who came in contact with her are to self-isolate for a week and be tested if they become unwell or develop worrying symptoms.

But the big worry here is that in the last 14days, this woman has been to two major Lagos hospitals- one in Ikeja and one in Alimosho.
From what I understand, more than 2,000 people in Alimosho are now being traced as possible exposure to the virus through this event. So we really have a long way to go, and Lagos has a lot of work to do.

Please kindly stay at home,
And avoid all unnecessary movements outside. 
A lot of people has shown their concern. A twitter user, @gidilover comment emphasize the size of the local government and how terrible this might be for the State. He said;