Whether your store will shut down for a few days or you're seeing fewer customers, retail businesses in Nigeria are fighting the effects of the coronavirus disruptions. It is important to reflect on how to position your business to remain robust and effective. Here are some tips:

Recognize and take precautionary measure

Identify and recognize the measures that can limit or slow the spread of the virus. Retail businesses are a central hub for the communities they serve. Therefore, a breakout will damage trust and negatively impact the community. Perform the following precautionary measures:
  • Encourage employees and customers to maintain at least 3 feet from each other
  • Ensure all customers are temperature-checked and sanitize their hands when entering the store
  • Disinfect all surfaces at least once an hour
  • Educate all staff on the proper procedures when showing symptoms
  • Keep yourself up-to-date via the NCDC coronavirus website
Build and maintain an online presence

Use your online presence to keep abreast with both returning and potential customers. Businesses can stay visible on social media, email or via social commerce platforms. Make it easy for the customers to find and receive your products without leaving the house. Customers will be eager to know the following details about your products before making a purchase:
  • Prices
  • Pictures
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Pick-up/delivery details
  • Payment details
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Support your community
Solidarity is what will help humanity defeat the crisis. Regardless, there will be no business without healthy customers. You can help by doing any of the following:

  • Providing resources that can help customers deal with the outbreak
  • Running promotional offers for essential items in the store
  • Communicating distinct, helpful and timely information about Covid-19
Any of these measures will help to keep customer connections strong and reliable.
Final Thoughts

Although the coronavirus is unprecedented, you have the opportunity to win and ensure life-long customers by providing support, precaution, and innovation. This way, you will enrich customers and strengthen your business.

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