This article is not for everybody but for a few who cherish their peace and happiness even when things are tough. You are one of these few. 

Keeping a positive mindset in the midst of a storm is tough, but you need a positive mindset to overcome the storm of life. I know I sounded like a preacher, but, I am not. It is a fact that cannot be denied.

I love to see results (I know you do), and when I'm not getting the right results, I get frustrated. 

In recent times, I have learnt to see value in intangible ways, like finding happiness and fulfilments in what I do. It has helped me maintain a positive mindset.

I share some of the advantages of keeping a positive mindset.

Positivity Attracts Opportunities
I strongly believe that positivity attracts opportunities and negativity repels. Most times when we focus on the negative things, we do not see the opportunities that lie in front of us, all we see is the hatred and reasons why we shouldn't do things we obviously need to do. I've been there, I've learnt to overcome it, some of the people reading this article had a similar experience, they overcame it, you are reading this now, you can overcome too. 

Things are tough, yes. So many bad energy around, I agree. But that is where the opportunity that might change your life is. Will you just quit because a few bad people try to frustrate you? I wouldn't advice you to do that because I didn't do that. You shouldn't too.  

"No" Means "Not Right Now"
It is natural to recoil and withdraw when we hear "no" because it is associated with rejection. But "no" can have so many varying reasons. It could mean "we're not ready for that phase," "it's bad timing", and the list goes on.

There is no such thing as a permanent no. Just because you got turned down after you've submitted an idea, a sales pitch or requested a meeting does not mean you should stop trying. A "no" can have so many different reasons behind it, and it's likely, not personal.

I have learnt in these short months that "no" means reposition. I strongly believe that I have a lot to offer to the world, and I'm going to continue to offer it. For example, I have a WhatsApp group where I share worship songs every morning, when I was about to start in May 2020, I sent out a message to my contacts asking them to click on a link to join the group, so many people read the message but they didn't respond. I was not happy. This is because the people I sent the message to were carefully selected. These are people who listen to gospel songs, some of them at some point asked me to upload a particular song to my gospel music download website. I know the type of worship songs they like and I have spent the time to select over 2000 worship songs that I intend to share and keep updating my list with. But, to my greatest surprise, they didn't respond. I started anyway.

I deliberately share comments of other people in the group who loved the songs I shared on my WhatsApp status. Some of these people I mentioned (above) saw those comments and reacted with a message. "Please add me to your worship songs group", I cannot count the number of people that wrote that to me. These are the same people I persuaded to join when I started. They said no, but, I didn't stop. I repositioned the offer and they came around at the right time.
In every "no", there is simply a lesson in repositioning the offer.

You Will Fail, Learn From It And Move On
None of us was born experts, we all build on our knowledge through experiences and mistakes we've made in the past. In fact, the best lessons are often in error. So, don't be afraid to try new things.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others
You lose yourself when you compare yourself with others. Once you lose yourself, there is no coming back. When you lose yourself, you lose your happiness.

I hope you've learnt a few things. Please share with your friends, they deserve this gift, it will bring them happiness and a positive mindset.

Enjoy the rest of today.

Akinpelumi, Akinboye