2020 has been a year that has increased stress levels in every area of life. there's never been a better time to give someone a gift.

While there are many different kinds of meaningful gifts, our financial capability most times prevents us from buying the most appropriate gifts for the people we love. And, with this year's global pandemic (the coronavirus pandemic) and the financial crisis (in Nigeria), we are restricted than before. 

Despite the financial restrictions, you can still get presentable gifts for your loved ones. I put together three thoughtful and affordable gifts ideas that can guide you.

#1. Throw Pillows

With less than N2,000, you can get a beautiful throw pillow online! 

Throw pillows are affordable and adorable. As a gift, it shows how thoughtful you can be. I mean, who else wants your comfort than the person who wants your comfort? Throw pillows are useful in the house, the car and in the office.

You want to be in their mind always without spending too much? Get them a throw pillow as a gift.

#2. A Diary  

At the beginning of a new year, everyone seems to be serious with their life (until life becomes serious with you😂). One of the ways people get serious is by writing down their plans, goals and aspirations (sounds familiar right?).

Some people decide to take notes when they go to church (most of them do not read these words written down throughout the year. You are guilty right?).

My point is, a diary is always a cherished item in the new year. With less than N1,000, you can get a portable diary for your friends and family. Remember to thank me later.

#3 Perfume

Yes! Perfume! 

A gift of perfume would mean you know what the person likes. Now, that is being thoughtful! You do not need to spend too much to get the best perfumes. With N3,000 or less, you will get a very good one. Please avoid expensive supermarkets.