Sometimes saying the words "I'm sorry" can have the opposite effect - especially if you are someone who over-apologises for every little thing. 

Rather than saying you're sorry, there are a handful of different phrases and even actions you can opt for that will get your point across in a genuine and meaningful way - without running the risk of sounding trite or insincere.

I came across a handful of quick and easy terms and phrases that will help you say you're sorry in the workplace without actually using those words.

Here we go:

"I take full responsibility"

"If something is your fault, it is helpful to admit your mistakes" - Cassandra LeClair, Ph.D. Author, Professor, and Motivational Speaker.

"Thank you for pointing that out"

If someone brings something to your attention that you can change, you do not need to apologize repeatedly for your previous behaviour. Show them you've changed by becoming better at what they complained about.

"How can I resolve this?"

"When apologizing for something that may have been your fault, it's important to not sound insincere. Sometimes, just a 'sorry' can do that (make you sound insincere)" - Jim Beard, COO of BoxGenie.

"I appreciate your patience"

Instead of saying sorry for making someone wait or for not getting something right on the first try, thank them for their patience.

We all make mistakes so it is more important to thank someone for dealing with us, than to be always putting ourselves down.