In the year 2036, a civil war has erupted in Eastern Europe, and the U.S. has deployed troops  (both men and machine (called gumps)) to serve as peacekeepers on this lawless frontier. 

A frontier controlled by a Russian terrorist, Viktor Koval (Pilou Asbæk) - a ghost that few people have seen.

To combat Koval's growing power, the Pentagon has deployed men and robotic soldiers (gumps) to activate duty for the first time. During the heat of the moment, two US marine was shot. Badly hurt, Sergent Miller (Enzo Cilenti) tried all he could to save them but no thanks to Lieutenant Harp (Damson Idris), he failed his men.

Don't blame Lieutenant Harp, he is a drone pilot who was faced with a really difficult situation. Will you launch an attack on the enemy and lose two men, or, hold on and potentially lose all 40 men? Your answer is correct. That was the exact thing Lieutenant Harp did. Despite his superiors ordering him otherwise, Harp went ahead to launch fire. He disobeyed a direct order, and Sergent Miller blamed him for the death of his men. 

After disobeying a direct order and blowing up an enemy vehicle that results in two soldiers' deaths, as his punishment for disobeying a direct order, Harp is deployed to Camp Nathaniel, sent to the demilitarized zone to gain some combat experience and empathy for those on the ground. Yes, this is the same ground Sergent Miller and his surviving 38 men who watched him blow their colleagues are. That beef was revisited on Harp first day at Camp Nathaniel.

At Camp Nathaniel, Harp was paired with Captain Leo (Anthony Mackie), an android super-soldier. His faith was sealed, he was sent out without a specific return date. His only concern, Olivia.
Harp was already engaged to be married to Olivia before he disobeyed a direct order (that claimed two US Marine their lives), with his deployment to the camp, his wedding plans had been affected. What a costly act of disobedience. 

The first day at the camp, he was instructed to travel (alongside Captain Leo) "outside the wire" to chase down warlord Koval before he launches a stash of nukes locked away since the end of the Cold War. Along the way, Leo schools Harp (who, before his new assignment, only viewed the conflict from a safe distance sitting in front of a military-grade video game console) about the inhumanity of war, and Harp begins to understand there's no such thing as worthwhile collateral damage.

You see, Captain Leo is a hard man, feared by so many. Described as a man who is not like the others by Col. Eckhart (Michael Kelly). Col. Eckhart happens to be the only man on the campground that knows secrets about Captain Leo. 

No matter how strong a man is, there is always a weak spot. Captain Leo is not an exception. Lt. Harp hit his soft spot during a heated argument. As expected, the first meeting with Captain Leo was not a sweet one. But when he mentioned that he puts himself through Cadet school, Captain Leo felt that deep down his heart. You could tell from his eyes, his facial expression, and from his breath. Hard man ehn?

Sometimes, you can have access to a man's heart, earn his trust but still get played, get used, get lied to, get betrayed and even lose your life because you trust them.

This is the story of Lt. Harp.