The death of a person dear to one's heart is one of the most painful experiences in life. For a young man, losing his mother (who is dear to his heart) is like losing the world. This is the reality that is about to hit the son of Dr Nadia Chaudhri.

According to the Pakistani British neuroscientist (@DrNadiaChaudhri on Twitter),  she will reveal to her young son that she is dying from cancer. She wrote;

"Today Is the day I tell my son that I’m dying from cancer. It’s reached a point where he has to hear it from me. Let all my tears flow now so that I can be brave this afternoon. Let me howl with grief now so that I can comfort him."

Reading her message after she had shared with her son her biggest fear, you could tell it was the most difficult yet brave step. She wrote;

"Our hearts broke. We cried a lot. And then the healing began. My son is brave. He is bright. He will be okay. And I will watch him grow from wherever I am. Today was the hardest day of my life. Thank you for all for your love."
Following her announcement via her Twitter handle, a lot of other people around the world share their stories via comments. So many people have a lot of advice to give while others recall how they lost a loved one and what this means to the young son.

Here are some of the heartfelt comments

The last comment by Vicky Kramer birthed huge faith and strengthen the belief that she can live to witness all the wonderful moments with her son.

She wrote;

I hope this becomes her reality. I hope she live to witness all the wonderful moments with her son.