Let’s talk a little about Amala, Ewedu and Gbegiri. An amazing nutritious indigenous delicacy of Western Nigeria (Yorubas).

Nigeria has 250 ethnic groups, yet, Amala has found its way to unite them all irrespective of where the people are from.

In Mega Cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, Amala is not considered as a meal for a particular tribe. Everyone enjoys the meal whenever they feel like.

In other cities across the country, Amala has gained popularity also.  
Due to its much-gained popularity across the Nation, it has become a common feature on menu lists in parties, trendy restaurants and even in social gatherings.

The ability of Amala, Ewedu, and Gbegiri (The Trinity) to unite people of different tribes and culture will play a significant role at Akinpelumi Akinboye Amala Hangout tagged: The Akin Akinboye Amala Hangout.

The Akin Akinboye's Amala Hangout is a gathering of Amala lovers (irrespective of their Tribe and Culture) coming together to celebrate the culinary heritage, using amala as the focal point.

The first outreach will hold on March 14, 2020, with about 1,500 guests expected to participate. 

The Akin Akinboye Amala Hangout is more than just the hyped amala, it is an avenue to educate the youth while they get entertained.

The Akin Akinboye Amala will also have in attendance, guest speakers who will educate the public on how to overcome depression. According to the World Health Organization, Nigeria is Africa’s most depressed country already, with 7,079,815 cases reported. Compare to Ethiopia (4,480,113), Democratic Republic of Congo (2,871,309), South Africa (2,402,230) and Tanzania (2,138,939) people reported having been diagnosed with the condition.

It is an event that will host over 500 young people (over 1,500 peeps showed interest so far), to educate them on different topics such as
  • Immigration and Travels
  • How to deal with depression 
  • Entrepreneurship etc.

How to Participate
Tickets for the event cost only 2,000 naira and it is advisable to get your ticket before the day.

For payment, enquiries and sponsorship, 
Call/WhatsApp +2347032759228
Tweet: @theakinakinboye

I Will be There! See you soon