If you have a father that was there for you when you needed him most (growing up), count yourself lucky! Some fathers are never home, some keep their love locked away, and some are abusive. 

Great dads help to raise great children. From bedtime storyteller to working tirelessly in ensuring that the family gets the best things in life. Someone has to put food on the table, even if he's not there to eat it. Whether he's rich or poor, black or white, the Father wants to provide for his offspring.

So many great dads around the world give their children the structure, security and self-confidence they need to be healthy, well-balanced individuals.

Often times, mother's gets all the credit. A man once joked about the special songs children composed to praise their mothers. But for the fathers, it is hard to identify a song that is specially dedicated to them. A song that appreciates their sacrifice, their love, and support. 

Do not get me wrong, there is zero competition. Moms are precious, and we appreciates them (of course we do). However, father's are precious too. To so many children out there, their fathers is their hero, their shoulder that they stand on to see farther into life. Standing on their father's shoulder helped them to make life decisions that shaped them to be who they are today. While for some others, their father's was never around. He was not the father they've wished for. 

The truth is, most men want to be good fathers, but some need help getting there. Many face barriers such as unemployment, lack of a positive parenting role model, or legal issues. No matter how terrible your father was, forgive him. And for those who have the best dad in the world, appreciate their efforts. If your father is alive, I dare you to give him a call today. Just tell him how much you love him and how much you appreciate the sacrifices he had to pay to get you to the level that you are today.