Salary cut or loss of jobs altogether is on the rise daily due to the coronavirus pandemic. Three days ago, Reid Wilson of in an article said that More than half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 and almost half of those between 30 and 49 said they had lost wages or jobs.

The situation is indifferent in Nigeria as various individuals have reported a loss of a job or a salary cut since the total shutdown of the economic capital of the country, Lagos State, the country's capital, Abuja and Ogun State. The Nigeria economy is still trying to recover from the last recession, the past month of tumult has further sent economic optimism plunging off a cliff. Hence a need to cut costs.

A twitter user, @Data_finest in a tweet explained how she lost her job due to coronavirus outbreak. The responses she gets can benefit you even if you are in a business or a career.

I put together some of the best responses.

Charles @charlesoriih believe it is a time to improve her skills in what she specializes in (Data Science). This is important because those with lower levels of education or skills are more likely to experience loss of jobs. The cuts are especially troubling if the threat of the coronavirus extends for months.

@charlesoriih shared with her a link to a course he is currently enjoying. 
A Healthcare owner, Timi Soleye (@timisoleye) offered her a Data Management role, he explained how easy it is to work remotely too. According to him, he owned two hospitals, you might want to reach out to Timi to know if there are other vacancies you can apply for. His tweet;

 Another user, @ngumbau shared with her a link to a job opportunity in Ibadan. His tweet;

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Please stay safe.