The lockdown that was imposed on everyone to prevent the spread of coronavirus has probably helped in reviving or creating habits you might have abandoned for a long time.

Some of these habits are bad and dangerous to your health (like eating a lot), spending too much time watching television, movies etc.  while some habits are great. These great habits are the habits you should strive to make permanent.

Spending Quality Time With Your Family and Loved Ones
Time is important - in fact, time is money. With this in mind, you have worked tirelessly to convert your time to money for your family and loved ones to have the best things in life. You give money and things to your family. But what does your family need the most? 

Your time.

For your wife, husband and kids, your time spent with them is life precious jewels that embed in their memories forever. You've been drifting apart from them because of work, hence, missing out on the importance of quality family time. Thank God for the lockdown, you've suddenly picked up the habit of spending quality time with your loved ones and kids. Please do not give that up for anything.

Working From Home
For many, this is the first dalliance with working from home experience. The first few days of the lockdown might have been tough as you learn to deal with all manner of homely distractions. But as the days turn into weeks, you adjust gradually to working from home. Gradually, a new habit.

You can continue this habit even when this period of quarantine is over. This habit will help you become more dependable at work and It can be a source of income as there are several jobs that you can do over the weekend or later in the day.  

Before the pandemic, you hardly have the time to exercise the way you should. The workload at work and the traffic make it difficult for you to keep to your gym appointments. Luckily for you, the lockdown forced you to improvise with whatever heavy stuff you could lay your hands on to lift. You also subscribed to some cool workouts routine sessions via YouTube. Sure you can't wait to get back to the gym (I mean the ones you go to on Saturdays), but do not throw away your exercise at-home habits. 

There are a number of other habits that you should try to make permanent: cooking, reading books, etc. try as much as you can to build this habits as they can help you live a better and fulfilling life