Every song you listen to carries a unique message. Sometimes, secrets are embedded in the lyrics of these songs. 

Musicians through their lyrics express how they feel, motivate listeners to become a better person or a better lover. They also try to correct the wrongs in the society with their songs, and in rare occasion, they revealed a lot of secrets about themselves. Other times, they just want to have fun with words. 

There are a lot of messages and secrets embedded in songs you listen to. If you pay attention to the lyrics of the songs you listen to, you will notice them. 

You will agree with me that there are a lot of silent Billionaires in Nigeria today, these people try as much as they can to hide their wealth. They try to stay out of gossip blogs and Newspapers (both online and offline). They live a low-key life while the media run around to know how much they are worth, what they spend their money on, where they spend their time etc. 

Davido is not like that. He is bold in expressing how much he is worth and what he spends his money on. He has boldly stated all these facts in his songs. I know you can recall. Let me take your mind back a little.  

Davido brought his father's wealth and business to the attention of so many people around the world with the song, Dami Duro. He came into the limelight with the nickname "Omo Baba Olowo (The Son of a Rich man)". He declared himself the main man in the remix of the song with Akon.

A part of the lyrics says; 
"Ema Dami Duro, emi gan gan lolowo" which simply means, "Don't try to stop me, I am the rich man (now)".

A few months later, in a song with KaySwitch, he said he has a couple million in the bank. A few Million soon turned into a Billion and in seven years, 30 Billion. How did I know these things? From his songs. He revealed all these things in his songs. I am sure you can remember now.

Davido is engaged to the love of his life, Chioma. Unlike other musicians who hide their girlfriends, fiancee or wife from the public, Davido's relationship is a public one. The relationship is blessed with a son, and if not for the coronavirus outbreak, they would have been married by now. It would have been the wedding of the year. 

Chioma knows how to make Davido's heart stop for a second not just with her beauty but for the unending support and some other things she does that he frequently mentioned in his songs. He made everyone sings her name with a song he dedicated to her. With the song, he described her as a sister, a wife, and mother. 

A girl that made Mr Ronaldo himself retired from playing (girls) definitely knows how to turn him on. But what turns Davido on? Although he is a helpless lover, he seems like a hard guy. His turn on was a secret until the song, D & G featuring Summer Walker was released in November 2019. The video was released on April 24, 2019.

In an interview, 'Davido' Adeleke, says he would donate all the proceeds from his new song to support international fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana's Coronavirus Research Fund.

The singer said the decision to send all the proceeds from the video to the COVID-19 research was due to his personal experience.

The singer announced that his fiancee, Chioma Rowland, tested positive for coronavirus on March 27.

The singer later announced that she tested negative for the virus on April 20.

"I was on tour, she was in London with my son. When we all came back to Nigeria, we were, like, because we have travel history, I think it's best we get tested," he told CNN in an interview.

"We had no symptoms. Nobody in the house had symptoms. Out of all 34 of us, that got tested, she was the only one that came out positive, which was crazy to us."

Davido said Chioma has since recovered and she never exhibited any symptoms. 

The Big Secret

"Say she look into my eyes and she seen designers
Aye, Dolce and Gabbana (Gabbana),
Got me goin' bananas (Bananas)

Davido revealed a big secret in this part of the song. According to him, if a girl looks at him (his eyes) and sees a rich young successful African man, he gets turned on. You get it? I know you were expecting a long explanation, well, the biggest secrets some times lies in the shortest sentence. That was it, the biggest secret revealed in Davido's new song, D&G featuring Summer Walker.