A popular Cameroonian Pastor, Frankline Ndifor who claimed he could cure Coronavirus has died one week after contracting Coronavirus. The news of his death leaves hundreds of his supporters in shock after the man had laid hands on them in an effort to "cure" them of the infection.
The Pastor who laid hands on Coronavirus patients to deliver them was declared dead in a tweet by African Facts Zone. 

The Pastor became popular when he decided to run for President in the 2018 Cameroonian Election under the National Citizens' Movement of Cameroon political party. Paul Biya, the incumbent president and candidate for the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement won the election with 2,521,934 votes while the Pastor recorded just 23,687 votes.

Hundreds of his followers gathered at his house to sing, claiming he was not dead and was just sleeping.

According to Voice of America (VOA) news, Cameroon police used force to gain access to the pastor's residence in the economic capital of Douala, as some of his supporters blocked entrances, praying for his resurrection.

Ndifor died and was buried in front of his residence on Saturday, May 16, 2020, by workers of Cameroon’s Covid-19 response team in the city.

Doctor Gaelle Nnanga told VOA that the pastor died less than a week after being diagnosed with Covid-19.