When Nigerian highlife singer, songwriter and graphic designer, Adekunle Kosoko professionally known as Adekunle Gold and his long-time friend, Simi wh0 is also a singer and songwriter tie the knot in a lowkey-planned wedding ceremony that only 300 people got to attend, the wedding was so private that the pictures and video clips from the wedding were so limited to the frustration of many fans who would have wanted to share their big day with them in any form.
A few months later, they released a song titled Promise. Parts of the music video show Simi in a wedding dress.  There are rumours that the clips were from their wedding. Until today, nobody can boldly say that the clips are from the wedding.

Months after their marriage, rumours started going around that Simi was expecting a child. The couple didn't say a word to clarify this, instead, Simi released a song, Duduke. In the video, she showed her baby bump. 
Knowing how private the two are, some of their fans online believed Simi might have a 6-months old baby already. If you ask me, with their privacy policy and how they've succeeded in keeping what is private, private. It is a thing AG Baby and Simi can pull.

June 7, 2020 
Simi decided to announce to the world, the birth of their baby girl, Adejare. She posted on her Instagram page, her husband, Adekunle Gold kissing the hand of her newborn child, Adejare. 
“Adejare. It’s like free-falling – this unending, soul snatching, infinite, mind-boggling love. Deja, my baby girl…,” she wrote.

With the picture, it became official. Simi and Adekunle Gold indeed had their first child. The question is, When?

In the caption, the songwriter and singer included the date of birth, May 30, 2020. It's been 7 days! If you think that is not private enough, then you don't know anything about the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

With all these, I strongly believe that the hands of the baby is all her fans and that of her husband will get to see until the child turns 18 (just kidding). Maybe not, but the newborn child will surely live a low-key life. A life off the cameras.

I wish the newborn child all the best things in life.