Finding a job in Lagos would be one of the most daunting and redundant tasks anyone will ever undertake without a proper source of information. This is because there aren’t many job vacancies in Lagos today and a lot of graduates both home-based and returnees from foreign institutions are clamouring for the few job positions available. 

Fake recruiters and employers take advantage of this, they use fake job alerts to get the attention of millions of young people who require entrance to the corporate world. Fake job alert has also become a strategy ritualists uses to lure innocent young people into their traps. 

A lady shared with us, her experience and how she escaped ritualists trap during a job interview. She wrote;

"I went for an interview somewhere at Ikeja. On getting to the venue, I met some ladies at the front of the gate, there wasn't any security guard. the ladies escorted me in, asked of how I got the interview information which I showed them on my phone, then they gave me a seat outside the premises where other invitees were seated. I was 4th on the attendance list but I already met over 10 people on the seat while some were inside the building having lectures or training (who knows).
After 20-30 minutes, I started hearing some noise outside the gate, when I went out to check what was going on, I saw a guy holding one of the ladies that escorted me, he was shouting on top of his voice that he knew the lady from a previous interview he went to from another location exactly a year ago. He said they were ritualist, that they change locations so as not to get caught. He mentioned losing a friend who also came to the last interview but died a few weeks later, that he also fell very sick but was taken to his village for spiritual help. That it was in his village he was told that they have been used for rituals along with his friend.
He said a lot of atrocities they committed, he told us how they operate which I also noticed, the lady was pleading to him not to shout.I couldn't believe it, I took to my heels, but I later heard the police have gone there to take them away because I couldn't wait to watch the film to the end.
I wish this can get to the front page so a lot of people can also learn from my experience."

May God continue to protect us. Amen