Pre-Baby shoots are beautiful. For so many people, their pre-baby shoot reminds them of the days their cute baby was a bundle of joy. For British dancer and Instagram influencer Nicole Thea, this was not the case as she died along with her unborn son Reign leaving behind her partner Boga, who can only remember the priceless moments he had with his wife and his unborn child with the pre-baby shoot they had together before he lost them to the cold hand of death.

The sadness of losing someone you love never goes away completely especially when you have pictures or videos that remind you of the great moments you shared with them. This is exactly what the husband of Nicole might be going through right now.

The news was announced to the popular dancer's 105,000 followers on Sunday afternoon.

The soon to be mum, who lived in London, was just weeks away from her due date.

It is unclear how both Nicole, 24, and her unborn son died.

A Twitter user, @fola_idn shared a pre-baby shoot of Nicole and her husband with the caption, "Rest in peace beautiful and baby reign" (tweet below).

As expected, the picture has attracted so many sympathizers. I put together, some of the responses (Tweet below)