We live in a new world. A world where a simple thing like a tweet or a comment can change or destroy your life. So many people focus on the negativity that comes with social media,  you might not believe this, but in this present age and time, some people still avoid social media, some claimed social media is a waste of time while others say it is a threat to their security. 

For  Shanee Moret, her mobile phone, social media influence and her ability to think outside the box helped her secure her first job without the years of experience needed for the role.

She shared her story in a LinkedIn post. I hope her story will inspire you. 

Her story below;

"I just graduated. I need a job. But I needed 2-3 years of work experience to get an entry-level job. It was so frustrating! 

I didn't complain, I focused on what I had. Writing skills. A degree. A cellphone. And I knew who was hiring.

Here's what I did next...

I picked the company I wanted to work for. I did research. I called them. I told them I wanted to feature them in an article for the college.

They were open to it. We scheduled a time where I could interview the manager.

I dressed in a suit. I brought my resume and a notepad. I had a list of questions prepared. 

I walked in 15 minutes early, shook her hand firmly, smiled and began the interview.

Throughout the interview, I asked questions about the company. The culture. Her vision.

I asked about student opportunity. Once the interview was over she asked if I had graduated and what my plans for work were.

"I'm currently looking."

I thought she wanted my resume so I reached in the folder and grabbed it to give to her.

But she stopped me.

"No need. You showed all the skills we are looking for. Can you start on Monday?"

That's how I got my first job.

You don't need permission to gain experience and you don't need a job to start building skills.

Think outside the box.