The continually improving reputation of online learning has helped fuel its expansion, as initial scepticism faltered in the face of evidence showing that online learning can be just as effective as face-to-face education.

With your mobile phone and a good internet connection, you can acquire any skill online. These skills include but not limited to Computer Programming, Face Makeup, Fashion Designing, Shoe Making, Cake Making, etc. 

If you are employed, there are some free online courses you should take today. These skills will help you become better with your job and also prepare you for professional exams if you have plans of taking one.

It doesn't matter if you are employed or still waiting for that call, you can take any of these courses.  I put together some free online courses I believe you should take today.

Microsoft Excel
It's high time that you actually learn what to do with spreadsheets. When you were in school, maybe you used Excel to plug in a few number tables or add two cells together. However, Microsoft Excel is so much more complex than that. For example, did you know that the program can organize data in an easy-to-navigate way, do basic and complex mathematical functions, turn piles of data into helpful graphics and charts, analyze data and make forecasting predictions, create, build, and edit pix-elated images and so on.

Long story short? There’s a lot more to the program than you probably even realized, and there’s a use for it no matter what you do. It’s more about problem-solving in an organized manner than it is about rows of data, and this shift in perspective will allow you to think more critically about how Excel can help you.

Social Media Marketing
Did you know that 90% of business owners say social media marketing has increased their business exposure? 

Social media marketers have become an important part of businesses in recent times. Everyday, Business owners are looking for people who are capable of taking their business to the next level using Social Media. I know you can do these things, your knowledge of social media is enviable. In fact, your friends seek your help when they need to sell something online. You only have doubts because you didn't learn the skills from anywhere and because you do not have any form of certification to back it up. 

Well, there are countless free online courses that offer certification after the completion of your studies. Why not put your interest in social media to good use by starting a free social media marketing course today? With this course, you can forge a career in digital marketing with lessons on how to create profitable campaigns on the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Graphic Design
Graphic design can be a great skill to help you get a job. Many jobs require this skill and this is especially true with design roles such as graphic designer, web designer, or user interface designer. Marketing roles also often prefer someone who can work efficiently with graphic designing software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw etc. 

In a competitive job market, getting a certification in Graphic design can help to differentiate you from other applicants.

Data Science
Data Science Training certifies you with 'in demand' Big Data Technologies. Data Science Training is a preparation for the growing demand for Big Data skills and Technology. It empowers professionals with data management technologies like Hadoop, R, Flume, Sqoop, Machine learning, Mahout etc.

There is a popular quote, "Money doesn't make the world go 'round — data does". This means that Data scientists are in high demand and employers don’t find enough graduates to fill their openings. 

With this certification, you'll be equipped with the conceptual and technical skills to break into a career in data science.

Learn to Code
A lot of people don't really understand what coding is. But people who learn how to code are able to apply it beyond their computers.

Coding is applicable to multiple facets of life. For example, coding forces you to break up a problem into a series of smaller steps and then logically create a program that solves them. This same approach can be applied to virtually every problem in life.

Developers are in high demand. There are more and more positions opening, and it can be considered a very stable job as there are many companies and startups in the country that need assistance and don’t have the knowledge.

Whether you want to level up your Insta feed or start a photography side hustle, you should take time to learn how to capture better pictures. The skills learned will enhance your résumé for sure.

Heroic Public Speaking
This month will be the month you finally get over your fear of speaking in front of an audience. Whether you're gearing up to present a pitch or deliver a speech, this course will help you exude confidence while engaging with a crowd.

Help yourself become better today.

Akinpelumi, Akinboye