Mobile phones are efficient communication devices that have made life easier since it's invention. They're an important means of staying connected and communicating with people in any part of the world on a regular, if not daily, basis. Mobile communication is also an increasingly important part of every business. As such, it makes both financial and personal sense to take proper care of your cell phone so that it lasts longer, does the things you need it to when called upon.

Research Widely Before Purchasing a New Phone
The process of buying a cell phone can be very confusing if you have no idea of what you are looking for. Sometimes, even after your research and confidence, the sellers still look for a way to confuse you to buy another product especially if you can't find the exact phone you want. Before you walk into a shop or make an order, research and know what to look for. If your business requires you to take quality pictures with your mobile phone, you should research on the best phone camera. Researching about a mobile phone before its purchase is the first step in taking good care of your mobile phone.

Buy a Case and Screen Protector
A phone case will take care of your phone by preventing it from being subject to accidental knocks and scratches. This helps to keep the phone's appearance longer and may also protect it from some internal damage should you accidentally knock or drop the phone. Since a cell phone’s glass screen is one of its most vulnerable areas, it makes sense to shield it from scratches, dust and other debris. One way of doing this is with a screen protector.

Air Temperature
Always consider the air temperature of your phone in order to keep your smartphone in its best condition. Cold is the main enemy of any mobile device. Low temperatures make smartphones discharge quicker, work slower or even randomly reboot. To avoid this kind of problem make sure not to expose your phone to low temperatures. For example, carrying your mobile phone in the inner pocket of your jacket or suit. Most times, when you put your phone in a cold place, it goes off by itself. If happened so, that your phone has gone off in the cold, do not rush to turn it on right away. Let the device warm up to room temperature first before you put it on again. Otherwise, condensation may occur on a smartphone chip, which may lead to a short circuit.

Clean The Junk
Handle your smart device as a living organism, which accumulates trash during its operation and needs to be cleaned from time to time. This advice is especially useful for smartphones running on the Android operating system. By removing unnecessary mobile Apps, videos, cache and residual files. Removing unnecessary apps (most especially) will help you free the RAM (Random Access Memory) of your mobile phone. Doing this will help the RAM of your mobile phone to run more apps run in the background without slowing your phone down.

Charge Smartphone Correctly
Smartphone battery starts to lose its capacity after around 500 charging cycles, but this moment may come much earlier if you charge your phone incorrectly. Try to maintain full charge cycles, meaning do not start charging it, when there’s still some battery left. But at the same time do not wait until it is completely discharged. The best time to start charging is at 15% of the battery. If you’re in a no-network area, it will be best to turn off the phone completely. Otherwise, it will constantly search for a network and discharge much quicker. An intensive operation has a detrimental effect on the battery. In addition, do not to connect the car charger to your phone before you start the engine, since such a quick change in electricity may harm your phone. And remember to always use original chargers.

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