LinkedIn is not a platform that is limited. I have seen so many people limit the use of LinkedIn. I think you are one of them. You need to change that today.

If you just use LinkedIn as a place to display your professional profile and to search for jobs, then you are guilty as charged. You are not taking full advantage of everything LinkedIn can do for you, your side hustle, and your career. You've limited the power of LinkedIn for so long. It is time to put an end to that limitation. 

Before we go on, I have to point out that I started using LinkedIn full time after I studied the platform during the lockdown in March 2020, my LinkedIn following has grown from 50 to 8,000 connections now as I write this article in mid-October 2020, a large community that has benefited me in so many ways. I have been invited to speak at training and conferences too. Most of these people saw what I do on LinkedIn. 

The tricks I applied are what I will be sharing with you in this article. Let us start.

Share Your Knowledge

People love solutions provider and with LinkedIn, you have been given a chance to speak to the right audience, to share what you know about the things that interest you. In fact, it is an opportunity to share your industry knowledge with the people who want to listen.

I have noticed that so many people focused on writing about their achievements (which is a good thing to do especially when you write about the obstacles you have to overcome to achieve it), describe their daily learnings and challenges in building a business and more. All these are contents that can attract an audience, but you need more to stay ahead. Pick an industry that interests you and dominate that industry by providing solutions to existing problems and the problems you can think of. People love solution providers, and if an employer noticed that you are one, they will surely call you to join their team. 

Consistency Is The Best Practice

The best trick for any social media platform is consistency. It is the best practice. Now that you know what to write about, you have to be consistent. Consistency is critical to your growth online. 

Consistency looks different for each person. You do not need to post an article every day, just find out what works for you and stick with it. It's up to you to find that pattern that works and then stick to it. 

Don't Be A Megaphone

No one likes a megaphone on social media. Megaphones are people that create, create, create, and share, share, share but never engage. Cultivate a habit of engaging your audience. Create relationships on the platform. It works. Do not send them an automated message but take time to leave meaningful messages, comments on posts of people with whom you would like to build a relationship.

Engage Other People's Contents

On LinkedIn, people share so many insights. You can benefit from this in a great way. When you see an article that interests you, take your time to read to understand the points discussed, and then contribute. Thoughtful comments add something to the ongoing conversation. People will become curious about you when you leave thoughtful comments. This curiosity turns into more profile views for you, more profile views lead to more connections and followers.

This trick works for me every time. I engage with other people's contents and when I post my own contents, I see them responding too. 

Thank you for reading this article, I want to believe you have learnt something new and helpful today. Please share with your friends and follow me on LinkedIn by click on this link