Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about you? No, I'm not talking about "good" or "bad" handwriting - I am talking about graphology or the analysis of handwriting as it relates to psychology.

Hold on a minute. Do you know some people spend their professional life studying and interpreting the symbols that appear in handwriting? Yes, you read right! These people are called Graphologists.  

You want a professional definition? That's fine, here you go:

According to graphology John Beck, former chair of the British Institute of Graphologists, graphology is all about interpreting the symbols that appear in handwriting, in order to understand the psychological makeup of that person.

Beck has over 40 years of experience in graphology and says the ways in which someone deviates from the "standard" way to write (whether that be size, spacing, etc.) is what graphologists look for. Interesting right?

Everyone has a distinct style of writing and graphologists believe that specifics like spacing and slants all reveal something about us. 

Here are a few things explained by Beck:

Handwriting Size:

According to Beck, the size of your letters "has everything to do with the claim a person makes to the status they desire in life,".

Large writers, for example, like to be noticed and lay claim in some way to social status. The small letters writers, by contrast, does not like to be noticed, takes up an analytical attitude to everything, and likes to play a low social profile.

I am a small letter writer and I can confirm that this is correct about me. Can you relate? More to come. Let's go!


The spacing of handwriting is all about "the writer's perception of the world" and how their intelligence or "thinking power" presents itself. It also denotes how a person is likely to behave within the world they inhabit. 

People who write with their letters close together or connected are thought to be intuitive and intelligent. Letters more spaced out are thought to indicate someone who's careful and logical. Interesting! I have a friend who writes with a lot of space in between each word. He is super intelligent and a logical person. Can we say a person can be logical, careful and intelligent? Of course, we can. I am sure you know a few people who possess these qualities.


Signature says a lot. According to Beck, if someone's normal handwriting is small, but their signature is huge, this means the person puts on a big front or shop window of a larger-than-life personality yet inside is quiet, modest, and analytical.

Or perhaps your handwriting is typically quite messy but you've got your cursive signature down to a science. This also indicates some level of performance. If your signature is no-nonsense and on the messier side, this would indicate a person who is less preoccupied with external appearances.


According to Beck, the way your letters slant can reveal a propensity toward introversion or extroversion. A left slant in writing denotes someone of an introvert disposition - also someone who was strongly influenced by their mother.

Right-slanted writing, on the other hand, denotes the extrovert, or someone who needs relationships and social life. Also, someone greatly influenced by their father.

And if your handwriting is pretty evenly upright, Beck says it reveals someone whose parents had very contrasting personalities and are totally different from each other. He said, "Upright writers are very independent".

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