I strongly believe that you cannot do life alone. This is why we need friends right? But, there is no reason why you should hold on to friendships that make us feel miserable. 

Do not lie to yourself, you keep a lot of friends that make your life harder than it should be. I mean, life is beautiful, but most of the times, it is hard. If a friend cannot make life good for you or help you get out of a bad feeling, then why keep them?

If you've known someone since childhood, or simply for a long time, there can be feelings of loyalty and nostalgia keeping you there, even if that friend is no longer good for you. I accused you earlier that you keep a lot of friends that are not good for your mental health, our finances, development, goal and aspirations, behaviour etc. I am right abi?

You see, these friends (people) I mentioned (above) are not bad people, they are not just the right people you should keep in your life as a friend. Yes, at some point in life they were all you had around as church-mates, age-mates, school-mates, class-mates, course-mates etc. But you've changed, they've changed. So things have to change.

Your Happiness Is Important 

If you have a friendship that developed during a difficult time in your life, there can be some trauma bonding happening there, especially if the friendship doesn't have a stable or healthy foundation. Let it go

You Need The Truth To Grow

If your parents are your friend, there is a high chance of living a successful life. This is because your parents will never hesitate to tell you the truth. This is very important in choosing a friend or staying in a friendship.

It's good to have a friend who can say "Hey, that's not a good idea" instead of a friend who will not tell you to your face that you are about to make a mistake, but finds it easy to tell other people of how you plan to do something that will fail.

Gossipers Will Gossip You To Others

Productive conversations are very important in a friendship. Okay, I must admit that you cannot shut gossip from happening. I gossip. You gossip. We are all guilty (winks) but, is that all you do?

If this particular person comes to you to gossip others every time, trust me, the person is gossiping you to others. 

Spending more time talking about the lives of other people, negatively, rather than focusing on your own personal growth and development as an individual is not good for your development. You need to let that friendship go today!

Zero Business Support

I will not spend too much time on this one. 

We all have friends who find it easy to share videos of celebrities they do not know but finds it extremely difficult to help you share your business. My statement is not a question, I know you have these people as friends because I have a lot of them too. 

Let them go!

Hold on, there is a big difference between shutting people out of your life and walking out of a friendship. In an article, I wrote last month titled Life Lessons Learned In My 30's That I Wish I Know Earlier I said: You Don't Have To Cut People Off, Just Define Your Friendship. I further explained my point with these words: Everyone you see have their own usefulness no matter how little. So, do not cut people off because you think you are bigger, smarter, or better than them. That is so dumb. 

You can read the full article Here

I know a lot of people, but I have a few friends.

You are a wise person. I know you understand the statement (above).

While there can be guilt around walking away from friendships, it's always important to remember why we have friends. The specifies of what you want in a friend can be varied but on a basic level, a friend should make you feel good things. 


Akinpelumi, Akinboye