When it comes to saying no to any types of request, you don't owe anyone anything. Now, that is a not true. And, it is not a nice way to say no in any situation. I mean, saying no without giving your reasons leaves the door open for any kind of assumption. 

Wrong assumption will never result to anything good. You don't want that right? So. how can you say no in a nice way but with affirmation? 

I put together three ways:

#1 Explain Your Reason

Explaining why you're saying no can be a great way to provide some context for the person asking for your time, energy, resources or idea. Explaining yourself proves to the person asking that you have a perfectly valid reason for declining instead of leaving the person with a wrong assumption. 

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#2 Don't Beat Around The Bush

Saying no can be uncomfortable, and when you start to talk in circles without getting to the point, you allow the person asking pressure you into saying a yes. 

#3 Be A Little Selfish

Yes, it's nice to help others, but people who say yes to everything struggle to be productive for themselves. It is OK to prioritize your own time by turning down a request. Sounds selfish right? Yeah, maybe a little.