Domestic violence is a social evil. A one time experience impacts negatively on the daily lives of the victims. Now imagine a person who constantly experience this, in silence. That's horrible.

This is the reason why some people had chosen to take up domestic violence cases. Some people do it to get paid, while some, pro bono. For them, it is all about the well deserved justice.

In recent years, you must have seen someone sharing their horrible experience in their relationship on social media (with no respect to a particular gender). The question you might be asking is this: "why are you bringing your private life to the public?"

The number of people looking out to help those who are oppress in their relationships and marriages has in recent times given hope to many, hence, something that was once considered private has become unacceptable and public.

The case discussed here is not an exception. A twitter user, Biyi Nifemi Tudors with the twitter handle, @thebiyitudors shared how he was recently involve in domestic violence. He wrote:
His explanations clearly states that he did raised his hands on the other party, his girlfriend, Bena with the twitter handle, @SabenaOfLagos. He wrote:

Her explanation of what led to the destruction of the toilet: 

She added:

As expected,  so many people had a lot to say. One of the comments that sparks another conversation is this:

Responding to @itz_oluwatoba tweet, @BajTunji have this to say:

What do you think of this case (of domestic violence), @itz_oluwatoba tweet (comments) and the response from @Bajtunji?  

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