The Netflix series, Behind Her Eyes is an unbelievable thriller neatly tied up by a British television writer and producer, Steve Lightfoot. 

Many writers have tried to describe this masterpiece. I think Vulture description best describes what the movie is about. Vulture describes the movie as a movie that "is about addiction, lucid dreaming, British classism, lies, and trauma."  

The movie first introduces to it's viewers, Louise (Simona Brown), a single mother and her son, Adam (Tyler Howitt). 

Louise lives a peaceful life. She walks her son to school every morning, she always gives him the warmest hug you could ever imagine before heading to her office where she works as a secretary. Cool right? Well, yeah until she closes her eyes to sleep. In her sleep, she experiences a lot of torment and terror. 

Her life took a turn when she bumped into a stranger who ended up kissing her on the same night. 

What happened from that day is out there for you to find out. 

Dr. David Ferguson (Tom Bateman) and his wife, Adele Ferguson (Eve Hewson). From the first scene, you can tell that something is wrong with this marriage. The way he talks to her, and the way he looks at her with repulsion will definitely get you upset. No, she is not ugly, she is one of the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, with deep soulful eyes and the calmest disposition ever, I mean, what is there not to love?

Despite this, the marriage is visibly chaotic and toxic, yet non of them are willing to walk away.

This movie hinges on the thin line between the logical and the blatantly supernatural and it is guaranteed to have you on a rollercoaster of emotions. The writer is a genius who  makes the audience switch their loyalty to the characters throughout the first episode up to the final episode (episode six) where the big reveal happens.  You just have to continue watching to untie this knot. 

You will be hooked from the start until the end of the last episode (episode 6). The cast interpreted their role too well (although I have a mix feeling about the portrayal of Louise by Simona Brown.)

Altogether, this movie gets 5 stars from me. Available on Netflix. Only 6 episodes.