You can be a very driven business person, with big goals and still fail if you do not learn how to deal with your emotions. Having big goals and drive is great, but your attitude is also important.

I've always been a very driven person, with big goals and bigger dreams. Like many entrepreneurs, I have a vision, and I'm able to focus on the end game as well as the process required to reach it.

But in focusing on the end game, entrepreneurs -- and I include myself here -- can be guilty of coming across as rude, in our haste to accomplish our achievements. We can lack patience. And this can lead to our intentionally or unintentionally disrespecting or disparaging others.

And, like I said (earlier), I am guilty of these things. However, some people are rude and their attitude has cost them a lot.

Some business has gone into an early grave as a result of bad attitude. An example of an extremely rude business person is this young Abuja businesswoman.

A Twitter user, @chima_amanda1, shares her chat with an Abuja based business owner. She wrote:

"See online vendor oh. Somebody I want give my money, lmfao"

This caption might not make a lot of meaning until you read the chat attached to this tweet. The messages: