We all have exes we can’t believe we dated. And while we might want to forget those relationships,  there are some exes we wish things work out well between us. Either which way, right after we’ve had our hearts broken, it’s natural to let off some steam especially in our weaker moments. One of the ways we let off some steam is through jealousy.

Jealousy summons a whole host of negative emotions in its wake. It hijacks your thoughts and carries them into dangerous places. It is as though a demon (Shakespeare's “monster”) has perched on your shoulders and is guiding you deeper and deeper into hell.

During this period, you will just want to do something that hurts the other person. Don't lie, you have felt this way before. Don't worry, you are not an evil person, it is only natural to feel this way. I know this because I have been there.

Let me stop bragging about my evil skills and talk about someone who allow his down moments led him into pulling the maddest "evil" revenge you could ever think of.

He is an unnamed Chicago man. 

What he did;

According to a Twitter user, @OfficialUdiBoy, this unnamed Chicago man bought a car for $600, registered it in his ex-girlfriend’s name, then parked it at O'Hare airport. The car park fee then accumulated over $100,000 on 678 parking tickets, which the city asked the ex-girlfriend to pay.

Now that is an evil I could never think of!


I know a few people who are evil hearted, don't worry, you are not one of them (clears throat). Even at that, I do not think they can pull this act as a revenge on their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

To me, this is the highest of it (revenge "evil"). What about you? Can you pull a similar revenge (like this unnamed Chicago man)? 

If you don't mind sharing the biggest revenge you've pulled on an ex. Please use the comment box below.