Ladies and gentlemen, what do you get when you mix a vampire, a werewolf and a woman whose child is in danger with a hijacked plane? 

Wait for it......

a Blood Red Sky! or a bloody cloud. Whichever suits your imagination darling. winks.

Pardon my drama, but, if you have seen the entire plot of the movie, Blood Red Sky, you will relate to my words and understand my dramatic act. 

Blood Red Sky is seen from the recollection of an 8-year-old boy whose German mother is a hybrid vampire, (I wonder if an 8-year-old will really be able to narrate that much detail, but then let’s go with the flow). Travelling to New York to get treatment for her illness, which is assumed to be cancer.

The beginning of the movie was a bit slow-paced and I kept wondering if this was really a horror movie, you know, horror movies comes with a feel from the start till the end. It keeps your heart racing through your chest like it will pop off it any minute. That feeling didn't come early, but, it began to pick up nicely after about 30 minutes into the movie, so be patient because the first 30 minutes explains so much about the movie.

As much as I enjoyed the child’s perspective, I think the background story could have been more emphasized and explained, rather than just giving us three scenes (two of which were almost pitch black) of the back story.

Also, the backstory of the plane hijackers was not even mentioned, all we got was speculation from the passengers of the plane, and it was quite lame for all the passengers to agree on one speculation, after all, people are more prone to believe a terrorist story rather than the yarn that was spun on the plane.

For a movie that had a lot going on, I commend their ability to stay on the storyline and not veer off into a subplot.

Overall, the movie was not as exciting as I would like in a horror movie, the only true blood pumping point for me was when the little boy had to propel into the isle of fresh zombies to help his mother.

In conclusion, you may not necessarily get the ‘horror’ thrill from this movie but it is definitely an enjoyable watch.

Rating 6/10.