The series, Never Have I Ever starred an Indian girl who was the star of the movie played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

The storyline is an age-long plot of the coming of age transition in high school, dealing with emotions, crushes, developing the starts of meaningful relationships, standing up to parents and the Netflix all-purpose spice, ‘the gay cast’, mixed with other things like the divorced parent, run away mum etc.

Okay, I need to explain this statement: "Netflix all-purpose spice, ‘the gay cast’". I do not condemn or look down on people based on the decisions they make

The movie characters are explained by deferent narrators, giving sarcastic commentaries and a sort of omniscient point of view, Nevertheless, the series started as a stranger reading the diary of a teenager and it sort of morphed from there.

What Stood Out in this Series? 

Have you noticed that so many movies tried as much as they can to make an older character look younger to play a younger role? Or a 30-year-old acts as teens, Genius? I don't think so. 

Most times, I find it weird and I lose interest in the movie entirely. Well, this series didn't do that, instead, the original age of the lead cast and most of the other cast is very close to the age they portrayed on screen.

The maker of this series added a deeper touch of dealing with the loss of a family member and they portrayed getting professional therapist help in a good light, rather than just the following advice from co-confused teenage friends.

Another nice touch is the focus on diversity and the blend of Indian and American cultures without one overpowering the other.

As much as this was a good watch, I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a pg+13 version of 'sex education'. I mean, look at the similarities, the gay character is black, the main cast is confused about picking the right guy, one has to be a nerd and the other a strikingly hot bad boy who treats her like trash, ring any bells?

Anyways I would like to hear your thought, opinions and comments.

Rating 5/10