Most of the people you look up to started from ground zero. 

There is no motivation that is bigger than these words (above) when you are about to take a new path. For copywriting, the same thing applies. The best copyrighter you know started from ground zero and it doesn't take much to become one yourself. 

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Who is a Good Copywriter?

A good copywriter is someone that can persuade readers to take action with a few cleverly written words.

What Skills Do You Need to be a Copywriter?

In all sincerity, I believe you have the skills needed. I know this because you clicked the link to read this article. You must have had a thought or thoughts that suggest you can become a great copyrighter. 

The truth is, if you've ever persuaded anyone to take an action, you have over 60% of the skill you need to be successful in this field. 

Before I continue, I will like to point out that I am not one of those writers that says everything is easy, or make you feel you can start earning money immediately after you put words together. But, it doesn't change the fact that even with zero experience, you can earn a living writing from the comfort of your living room.

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The good news is, you don't actually need any formal training to become a copywriter. However, if you want to stand out among the multitude, or you wish to make a living from copywriting, you need to learn some of the basics. Here are some basic skills you will need:

Strong Writing Skills: Writing, like any other skill, is something you can get better at with time and practice. There are a lot of online and mobile applications that can help you get better at writing. For you to be successful in copywriting, you need to develop strong writing skills.

Market Knowledge: You cannot sell what you do not know anything about. In your own case, you cannot write about what you do not have knowledge of. To become successful in copywriting, you need market knowledge of the industry. Avoid writing from your own understanding alone, make some market research before you put pen to paper.

Sales Knowledge: There is a big difference between writing to entertain and writing to sell. Do not forget this, the ultimate goal of copywriting is to sell. Improving your knowledge of marketing and sales is very important. I will recommend you read some sales-related books.

Don't be Rigid: It is good to create a niche for yourself, but, if you want to be great at copywriting, you must not be rigid. Learn to take on different brand voices and consistently follow clients' directions. Your versatility and your readiness to adapt are key to your success story.

Luckily, there are lots of free copywriting courses and resources to help you learn how to write good sales copy. You can check Udemy, Coursera and some YouTube tutorials are great places to start.